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Test de Paternité ADN en Suisse Vaterschaftstest in der Schweiz

 Your DNA Testing Specialist in Switzerland

Order your DNA test today with easyDNA Switzerland, your local DNA testing provider. With over 8 years of experience, we are confident that we can carry out your DNA test and provide you with the accuracy and reliability that you need. easyDNA is a leading DNA testing company and can provide you with DNA testing anywhere in Switzerland including the cities of Geneva, Zurich, Bern and Lugano.

DNA testing for various types of relationships

Need to confirm whether they are your biological relatives? easyDNA offers a range of relationship DNA tests to help you determine whether two or more people are actually biologically related.

Relationship tests can easily confirm whether grandparents are related to their grandchildren or aunts are related to their nieces or nephews. Our sibling DNA analysis can indicate whether brothers and/or sisters share a common father.

Depending on what exactly you want to find, who is available for testing and the gender of the people involved, we will recommend the test most suited to your case.

We offer customer support in German, French and Italian – contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Our Paternity Testing Services

easyDNA has different paternity testing services available. We offer at home paternity testing, paternity testing for immigration purposes and our latest non-invasive and risk free prenatal paternity test.

Our accredited DNA paternity test for the Child and alleged Father is priced from only CHF195. Results are available to you within 3-5 working days of your samples being received by the laboratory.

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Brauchen Sie den DNA-Test in Deutsch?

An easyDNA Schweiz wir können Ihnen einen genauen Vaterschaftstest bieten um die biologische Beziehung zwischen Vater und Kind zu bestätigen. Alle unsere DNA-Tests werden von einem akkreditierten Labor mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Industrie durchgeführt.

Avez-vous besoin d'un test ADN en français?

easyDNA Suisse vous offre un test de paternité capable de confirmer avec exactitude la relation biologique entre un père et un fils. Tous nos tests ADN sont réalisés dans un laboratoire accrédité et largement expérimenté dans le domaine des tests ADN.

Volete essere assisiti in lingua Italiana?

easyDNA Svizzera fornisce un test di paternità accurato che vi può confermare l’esistenza di una relazione biologica fra un padre e un figlio. Tutti i nostri test sono eseguiti da un laboratorio accreditato con molti anni di esperienza nell’industria dei test del DNA.

Process for DNA Testing

Getting your DNA test and collecting samples has never been easier! All you need to do is proceed to our order page to place your order. Once you have placed your order we will send you our sample collection kit which will enable you to collect samples in the comfort of your own home.

Inside you kit you will find colour coded envelopes and in each envelope you will find two oral swabs. You will then also find an instruction sheet explaining how to collect your samples, a consent form which you need to fill in and finally a pre-addressed envelope which you will use to send us back your samples.

All you need to do is rub the oral swabs inside your mouth for 10 seconds, under your tongue and against your inner cheek. You then allow them to dry for an hour and return each set of swabs to their respective envelopes. Fill in the consent form and return everything in the pre-addressed envelope.

easyDNA also offers DNA testing with other types of samples including blood, semen stains, toothbrushes and cigarette ends- have a look at our DNA forensic testing page to learn more.

Laboratory DNA analysis with easyDNA

Our DNA tests are carried out using 24 genetic markers for both maternity and paternity tests, which is the minimum accepted standard for DNA testing and ensures the accuracy and reliability of your DNA test results. You can have you mind at rest knowing that the laboratories carrying out your DNA test are ISO 17025 accredited and this is the most widely recognized accreditation for facilities carrying out genetic analysis and ensures the highest standards are always adhered to.

Have questions?

We will be more than happy to assist you by telephone or by email. Why not Contact Us or Have Us Call you? If you wish to read more about DNA testing in Switzerland, browse our Frequent Questions.

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